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A few things on this: • SUSE Rancher is supporting dockershim on 1.24+ for RKE1 • RKE1 is supported with no EOL set. RKE1 is currently the ONLY supported way to use docker with kubernetes • If you want to use containerd then you'd need to switch away from RKE1 to something like RKE2 (the big selling point of RKE1 is being able to use docker) • RKE1 and RKE2 are fundamentally different kubernetes distros. Much like something like EKS or kubeadm so there is no current direct migration path • Since they are all kubernetes under the hood your deployment manifests should transfer between distros without any real friction.
Thanks Trent for taking the time to answer my questions! That was really helpful. So we will continue to use docker with the RKE1 cluster and might look into provisioning new clusters with RKE2.