01/17/2023, 10:38 PM
Is anyone here experimenting with BurmillaOS? I run using the vSphere node driver, and I think I’ve finally got a worker node boot-strapped into an RKE cluster provisioned by my Rancher server (running Rancher v2.5.16 with K8s v1.20.15 in testing)
For the record, in my node template I’m setting the Cloud Init URL to a yaml file hosted on a server with this config:
- ["sudo", "mkfs.ext4", "/dev/sda"]
- ["sudo", "ros", "install", "-d", "/dev/sda", "--no-reboot", "-c", "/var/lib/rancher/conf/cloud-config.yml"]
- ["sudo", "reboot"]
    vm.max_map_count: 2621444
I need this because I want to use persistent storage via a vmdk disk, I provision a 20GB OS disk for all of my nodes.
I also don’t want to care and feed VMware OS templates or have to build my own - so booting this is fast and easy.
I have this GIT issue open here for adding in the autoformat feature back fro VMware: