01/16/2023, 9:08 PM
I would like to use the Rancher backups I have to migrate Rancher from AWS EKS to Linode LKE however I think that I will not be able to accomplish this task easily because my AWS EKS is 1.21 and I cannot build an LKE cluster for 1.21 (only 1.24 and 1.25) and it would seem from the docs that I would not be able to restore into any other version of kubernetes due to changes in 1.22 Am I better off upgrading EKS to 1.24 or similar first? Will I run into issues with Rancher 2.6.3-patch1 upgrading along the way as well? Am I better off just making a new Rancher instance itself and migrating/importing clusters?
I believe I have decided to go with "new rancher server, migrate/import clusters to new rancher" strategy at least as a start with the least 'moving' pieces I couldn't reverse.