Hi all, having problems with my 5 node k3s cluster...
# k3s
Hi all, having problems with my 5 node k3s cluster (1.22) on k3os (1 node control plane with sqllite). Not quite sure what happened, but basically, I’m in a state after some restarts where I can’t even get apiserver to start. TLDR of the issue is k3s takes forever to start, once it does and starts to kick off containerd, all that happens in the log is a bunch of TLS errors with bad handshakes and a bunch of
authentication.go:63] "Unable to authenticate the request" err="[invalid bearer token, Token has been invalidated]"
. … I’m basically unable to run kubectl or anything and my pods never come online .. eventually k3s-service just crashes and restarts. Not quite sure where to begin troubleshooting.