01/10/2023, 8:03 PM
Hi, testing a disaster recovery scenario with rancher 2.7.0 (on RKE v1.23.14) and a rke2 downstream cluster (v1.23.14+rke2r1 rancher provisioned). Deleting and rinsing rancher cluster nodes, creating a new cluster and following the "migrating rancher to a new cluster" docs. All seems OK, but the rancher-system-agent running on the RKE2 cluster is complaining:
rancher-system-agent[7696]: time="2023-01-10T19:32:18Z" level=error msg="error syncing 'fleet-default/custom-4a5e8a9fa273-machine-plan': handler secret-watch: Unauthorized, requeuing"
The fleet agent running on the RKE2 cluster is reporting:
level=error msg="failed to report cluster node status: Unauthorized"
Is there a way of fixing this issue?