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# rancher-desktop
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Hello and happy new year. This sounds like an issue we're aware of already ( -- we have a known issue that
gives problems in
Windows command (cmd) as an Admin
Powershell as an Admin
. How are you running your shell?
and which version of rancher desktop are you using?
Hi @magnificent-napkin-96586, I am using latest version 1.7.0 Sorry I didn't get chance to open this channel, I still didn't get the reason and the solution to my problem . though the next day it worked automatically without doing any change, but this seems strange to me and my other teammates. and it happens frequently, that creating containers gives errors
Please let me know if you know the reason
intermittent makes this sound slightly different, though there's a chance that this is a mounting problem. going back to my 1st question, how are you running your shell, as an admin? cc @kind-iron-72902
Another possibility is to just restart rancher-desktop (maybe after a factory reset) and see if it still has problems creating
on the VM