01/02/2023, 3:53 PM
Hello rancher-people, I've got a silly problem while using rancher rke2. I added a node (it's a single-node cluster) and i renamed the vm (the node) using hostnamectl. Now, the cluster is not available anymore via rancher-ui. The secrets, the config-maps and other settings are not available anymore. Anybody how to recover it?
After a while, a new node spawned additonally to the old one with the new hostname and the old become became unavailable. 😅 Well, at least I got my data back. But it's not optimal 🙂 So does anybody else experience sth. equally?


01/02/2023, 5:53 PM
Don't change the hostname? The node name is set from the hostname by default, and Kubernetes objects can't be renamed... so yeah, you change the hostname you get a new node.


01/02/2023, 5:56 PM
I didn't know that changing the node's hostname would break sth. whats the best way to revert it? I thought of registering a new node (with all roles) wait until the data transfers and re-register it with the final hostname?