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12/30/2022, 3:21 AM
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12/30/2022, 8:39 AM
Hey Ethan, for that you could build your own iso. The default user/pass for the iso is located on so you could modify that and then build your iso with the
make build && make iso


12/30/2022, 8:48 AM
Thanks, I did end up trying that but I still ran into some issues.
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ec 30 01:19:04 rancher-29562 elemental[1812]: time="2022-12-30T01:19:04Z" level=debug msg="Start TPM attestation"
Dec 30 01:19:06 rancher-29562 elemental[1812]: time="2022-12-30T01:19:06Z" level=info msg="TPM attestation successful"
Dec 30 01:19:06 rancher-29562 elemental[1812]: time="2022-12-30T01:19:06Z" level=debug msg="elemental-register protocol version: 8"
Dec 30 01:19:06 rancher-29562 elemental[1812]: time="2022-12-30T01:19:06Z" level=error msg="failed to register machine inventory: failed to negotiate protocol version: communication error: websocket: close 1006 (abnormal closure): unexpected EOF"
Dec 30 01:19:11 rancher-29562 elemental[1812]: time="2022-12-30T01:19:11Z" level=info msg="Connect to <https://domain/elemental/registration/8ttlrgcnfsfwn2cmllcc4r5k58btpkvlp7wm2sgdtlhk5l77v8mg8f>"
Dec 30 01:19:39 rancher-29562 elemental[1812]: time="2022-12-30T01:19:39Z" level=info msg="Using TPMHash d578c7a72c5a26d2e31d85662d8e1f6d841bd2a8449ca68c90a52d553778cb5d to dial <wss://domain/elemental/registration/8ttlrgcnfsfwn2cmllcc4r5k58btpkvlp7wm2sgdtlhk5l77v8mg8f>"
I believe i'm not using the correct version of something? I'm using the main branch on elemental Besides failing to connect it does work very well though, its just not as convenient to pass the configs in. I'll probably end up adding something that loads anything from a
path so I don't have to keep recreating the iso to iterate


12/30/2022, 8:57 AM
there is also the possibility of re-building the upstream iso with the help of elemental-cli and the overlay-iso flag so so copy the whole upstream image into the iso and add the overlay-iso dir into the resulting iso
for those errors you should check the operator logs, as the current version does not push the actual error logs from operator to client, so you can only see what failed in the operator
next version should print the proper operator errors in the client directly
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