# rke2


12/30/2022, 7:49 AM
Hi, I'm using rke2 1.25.4+rke2r1 both for server and agent nodes. Worker(Agent) Nodes: I found that some agent nodes having hard time with connection to master node. Logs are from journalctl of rke2-agent
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Dec 30 16:41:53 worker1 rke2[2343799]: time="2022-12-30T16:41:53+09:00" level=error msg="Remotedialer proxy error" error="connect not allowed"
Dec 30 16:41:58 worker1 rke2[2343799]: time="2022-12-30T16:41:58+09:00" level=info msg="Connecting to proxy" url="<wss://master-ip:9345/v1-rke2/connect>"
Server Node:
service show logs below
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Dec 30 07:41:53 server rke2[1379172]: time="2022-12-30T07:41:53Z" level=warning msg="Proxy error: read failed: tunnel disconnect"
Dec 30 07:41:58 server rke2[1379172]: time="2022-12-30T07:41:58Z" level=info msg="Handling backend connection request [lambda-server-cpu-2]"
Dec 30 07:42:04 server rke2[1379172]: time="2022-12-30T07:42:04Z" level=info msg="error in remotedialer server [400]: websocket: close 1006 (abnormal closure): unexpected EOF
Could you suggest where should I start to debug this?
This log is occuring every 5 minutes
Found the reason, and leaving it for anyone who searches for similar log. Our metircs-server which was using 4443 port with hostnet occured k3s tunnel auth error, which directly connected to remotedialer authorized error -> casuing "connect not allowed" log for worker. Running rke2 agent --debug mode helped solving this problem.