12/24/2022, 11:37 AM
Hi, been trying the last 5.1.0 i rancher (2.7.0) and have issue with the Network Activity view. The console prints out the error:
main.b1970250c5c711f4.js:1 ERROR SyntaxError: "[object Object]" is not valid JSON
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at a.loadBlacklist (397.b2130fb755f52455.js:1:1388116)
    at a.ngOnInit (397.b2130fb755f52455.js:1:1419453)
    at Er (main.b1970250c5c711f4.js:1:7501269)
    at or (main.b1970250c5c711f4.js:1:7501091)
    at ns (main.b1970250c5c711f4.js:1:7500796)
    at Zc (main.b1970250c5c711f4.js:1:7528870)
    at zf (main.b1970250c5c711f4.js:1:7529177)
    at Zc (main.b1970250c5c711f4.js:1:7529204)
    at uh (main.b1970250c5c711f4.js:1:7536265)
Is this a known issue? (Merry Xmas, BTW 🙂 )
So, there is a change in localstorage for <User>-blacklist (and filters) variables. In 5.0. its a standard jsonobject:
But in 5.1 this has been changed to a string with all quotes escaped:
Im running both 5.0 and 5.1 in my tests so now I need to clear out localstorage when changing