12/16/2022, 2:45 PM
can rancher cause
eks node groups
deletion or creation while they are just imported clusters? we are seeing some weird messages in eks node group section. FYI - we are just importing EKS clusters not creating by rancher. We see node groups creation in EKS that shows rancher trying to create.
seems the similar issue whats the fix can someone tell?
Rancher Version -
how can we disable rancher to modify anything on cluster?
@fast-piano-59234 sorry to tag but in case if you know the fix
@creamy-pencil-82913 any help here? sorry for tagging directly ..haven't got response yet and its little concerning. We don't this sort of permissions for rancher on EKS node groups.
we want to know what is the minimum AWS permissions does rancher need for just importing EKS?
Precisely permissions that goes into
cloud credentials