12/15/2022, 4:24 PM
So I came into Longhorn 1.3.2 and a faulted DR volume. This happens often enough, so I delete it and setup a new DR volume. It created and attached the volume right away, but has not started the restore process itself for 10+ minutes at this point. I have tried to restore the same volume as just "restore latest backup" and it seems to be doing the same thing.
Okay, so they EVENTUALLY started. The DR faulted during the restore, seemed to happen when a new backup was ready (meaning the "Last Backup at" incremented, then the volume faulted)
I'm re-doing some of this and see the same large lag on the start of the restore.
20+ min now and it hasn't started the actual restore


12/16/2022, 12:42 AM
Hi, Would you like to provide the support bundle for us to investigate what happened? Do you use two cluster or one cluster to make this DR volume? Any abnormal log related to this DR volume or backup volume?