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12/15/2022, 9:26 AM
Heya brain-trust. I’m trying to find out workloads on some of our clusters are using API’s that are being removed, from the kubernetes docs i found this handy Prometheus query:
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apiserver_requested_deprecated_apis{removed_release="1.22"} * on(group,version,resource,subresource)
group_right() apiserver_request_total
However when i try it i get the following error:
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Error executing query: found duplicate series for the match group {group="<|>", resource="customresourcedefinitions", version="v1beta1"} on the left hand-side of the operation: [{__name__="apiserver_requested_deprecated_apis", endpoint="https", group="<|>", instance="", job="apiserver", namespace="default", removed_release="1.22", resource="customresourcedefinitions", service="kubernetes", version="v1beta1"}, {__name__="apiserver_requested_deprecated_apis", component="k3s-server", endpoint="metrics", group="<|>", instance="", job="k3s-server", metrics_path="/metrics", namespace="cattle-monitoring-system", pod="pushprox-k3s-server-client-6stpf", removed_release="1.22", resource="customresourcedefinitions", service="pushprox-k3s-server-client", version="v1beta1"}];many-to-many matching not allowed: matching labels must be unique on one side
Being a novice in PromQL i don’t quite get how to resolve this.. any pointers? 🙂