Hi folks, I am trying to recover from an etcd data...
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Hi folks, I am trying to recover from an etcd database corruption of a cluster setup by Rancher. There is just a single control plane node and 4 workers. I found https://rancher.com/docs/rke/latest/en/etcd-snapshots/, saying to read the rke documentation for restore. This document recommends to run
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# ~/rke.v1.3.15 etcd snapshot-restore --config ~/kube002.config.yaml --name c-blwbg-rl-mxhdw_2022-12-13T05:18:35Z 
INFO[0000] Running RKE version: v1.3.15                 
INFO[0000] Checking if state file is included in snapshot file for [c-blwbg-rl-mxhdw_2022-12-13T05:18:35Z] 
FATA[0000] Cluster must have at least one etcd plane host: please specify one or more etcd in cluster config
Problem is, where do I get a working cluster.yaml from? I had expected that all necessary information is stored in the snapshot (next to rke.state and the etcd database). The cluster.yaml I saved via the GUI appears to be incomplete. Every helpful comment is highly appreciated