12/13/2022, 7:40 AM
Any experts on the Rancher API around? I got some weird behaviour and before hunting bugs for hours, maybe knows something: I'm deploying the monitoring application into the cluster in which Rancher is installed via API without any problems. When I try to deploy the monitoring app to a cluster managed by Rancher using the exact same approach (with an adjusted API call, of course), this does not work. Rancher responds to the call with a
response code, but never actually starts rolling out the monitoring stack to the managed cluster.
I'll gladly share the code, it's basically an Ansible play which fetches an API-Token and the cluster's ID and issues an API request to
with a body containing a
charts: {...}
map holding all the values to be configured. As mentioned above, this approach works like a charm for the cluster running Rancher itself, but not for a cluster managed by Rancher.