12/10/2022, 2:52 AM
Hi, I am new to kubernetes and rancher and had a networking question for local installation of rancher desktop on Mac M1. I have a container that needs to post/get via python to another container. They can use the internal service to get access but I would like to use the egress url. That doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to update the rancher dns to automatically add the egress hostnames to the dns? using WGET, I see the other container using service address: /app # wget forms-flow-forms:3001 Connecting to forms-flow-forms:3001 ( saving to 'index.html' index.html 100% |***************************************************************************************************************************************************| 2195 0:00:00 ETA 'index.html' saved Using egress url, no go: /app # wget http://forms-flow-forms-flow.localhost wget: bad address 'forms-flow-forms-flow.localhost' But from my browser, i have access to: http://forms-flow-forms-flow.localhost
Sorry, wrong channel. won't let me delete. will repost in correct channel