# fleet


12/07/2022, 4:40 PM
Hello all. I'm standing up a new Rancher cluster using version 2.6.9 on Kubernetes 1.23.12 in Azure AKS. I have a git repo set up with Fleet deployments that reference a self-hosted chart museum instance. I am having trouble getting Rancher to properly authenticate to chart museum using basic auth. I keep getting 401 errors. When I check the request from the chart museum side, I don't see an auth header being set. I've tried setting the Helm Authentication to an existing Kubernetes secret (which says not found) and I've also tried creating a new secret via the UI. Using the same creds, I'm able to download the chart in my browser. Any help is much appreciated
Nevermind. Found in the repo that there is an open issue in Fleet 0.4.0 (Rancher 2.6.9) with this problem. I upgraded to 2.7.0 and recreated the GitRepo resource and that resolved the issue