# elemental


12/05/2022, 4:57 PM
How would one install rancher itself on elemental? I saw @ripe-mechanic-63260s "watson" PoC, but I fail to see how to register multiple nodes to it? I could create a elemental cluster via rancher, then install rancher on it, I suppose. But "rancher in rancher" didnt work last time I tried it, iirc.


12/09/2022, 11:40 AM
you mean install rancher on a elemental cluster deployed via the operator or just making a derivative of elemental that installs k8s+rancher with multiple nodes?
the Watson POC is just an example, should probably be expanded to span multiple nodes somehow but that falls down into k3s config. You should probably use an iso for the master and then build isos for the slaves with the master address on them
that or mix the Watson POC with the Lestrade POC ( which accepts the initial config via cloud-init, so you could deploy a master and then slaves by feeding the VMS/baremetals different user-data config