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12/05/2022, 1:10 AM
Hi — I have a Rancher/FreeIPA integration issue — we have been running rancher 2.5.8 on RHEL 7 & RKE2 on an isolated network for over a year, and suddenly lost the ability to login to the Rancher GUI using FreeIPA credentials. Error from GUI looks like “unknown error, see your system administrator” Local logins work fine but my users depend on the FreeIPA flavor login. Rebooted all masters recently which did not help. Internal error from API looks like LDAP error 49, but the FreeIPA authorization setup looks fine and appears to work; I know the read-only FreeIPA user’s credentials work, but still no luck logging in to Rancher GUI. Any ideas on what to check? Thanks for any help you can provide..