11/30/2022, 2:16 PM
Hello, I’m trying to create a rancher-machine UI Driver for Proxmox VE. The driver UI reads some data from the Proxmox API like auth realms available, storage location, etc. I’m using the meta/proxy endpoint available in Rancher to avoid CORS issues but there’s no way to import a self signed cert or skip TLS verification for the Rancher Reverse proxy Any suggestions??? I’ve considered the following options: • Somehow make Rancher trust the CA of the custom cert so
is happy about it • I open a feature request for the rancher team to add Insecure TLS in their reverse proxy maybe could be on the same UI where whitelist for the driver are defined • I do the code myself and I ask the Rancher team to approve the PR with insecure TSL support • I do as a requirement to use the driver to have a valid cert in the Proxmox • I make it so that to use the driver you have to somehow disable https to your Proxmox (do not want to do this for obvious reasons)