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You should be able to talk to your network service listening on the host (Windows) machine from a docker container via
. If this isn't the case, it's a bug; can you please create an issue in github to track this? Also, the stackoverflow question probably doesn't have an answer in this case other than "this is a bug."
If you have any atypical (i.e. VPN, proxy, DNS) network configuration, please include info about that in the issue. Logs also help 🙂
i'm working without vpn only .. docker-desktop is also there but i'm not running it parallelly , i doubt is there anything i need to do with hosts file of windows.
Maybe try uninstalling Docker Desktop? I don't think it would cause any problems to have it installed, as long as it isn't running, but you never know. You shouldn't have to do anything with the Windows hosts file
after installing vpn-kit and running whenever needed ( when host.docker.internal poiting required) , i am able to solve this. Please note that i'm working without vpn eventhough i needed vpn kit and need to start vpn kit everytime
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wsl --import wsl-vpnkit --version 2 $env:USERPROFILE\wsl-vpnkit wsl-vpnkit.tar.gz
wsl -d wsl-vpnkit
wsl.exe -d wsl-vpnkit --cd /app service wsl-vpnkit start
i'm still wondering ..Am i working correctly ? but above solution works well for my entire team who working without vpn.
I haven't heard of this as a solution, but this isn't my area of expertise. @calm-sugar-3169 have you heard of this?
@hallowed-art-29425 you shouldn’t have to use wsl-vpnkit if you are not on a VPN, what version of Rancher Desktop are you using?
@calm-sugar-3169 , i'm using latest rancher desktop version 1.7 .