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I also attempted to do a helm rollback, but unfortunatly that also fails with: "Error: no Secret with the name "bootstrap-secret" found" although this secret does exist in the cattle-system namespace
To further complicate things, I have a chart that I deployed via Rancher and after the upgrade to Rancher I updated the chart for this app, if I rollback or restore my Rancher backup is this going to screw up this app? I just want to make sure that since I think the backup would have the metadata for the installed chart thinking it was version X while now it is running Y, upgrading this app was how I eventually discovered that the rancher-cluster-agent was crashing
To "fix" it, I rolled back to the previous version of Rancher, then redeployed the chart again changing back to the Rancher issued certs, followed by recalculating the CA Checksum. I didn't achieve my goal of switching to Lets Encrypt ­čś× , but I guess at least I don't have crashing pods anymore.