07/13/2022, 10:54 AM
Am using Rancher 2.5.7 with enterprise GitLab (15.x I believe) and my pipelines have stopped working. Apparently the "applications" method of authentication now times out after 2 hours - which is useless. I understand I need to switch to a different method for deploying my packages to our clusters (Fleet?) but the Rancher documentation doesn't appear to match what I'm seeing in Rancher. Does Rancher have to be updated to 2.6.x to use the new method? For example, reading this page, I need to activate the Legacy feature - but that isn't listed (Fleet is list and is enabled)


07/14/2022, 2:06 AM
You are using Rancher 2.5 but the docs link is for 2.6. Rancher 2.6 is when the pipelines moved behind the legacy feature flag


07/14/2022, 7:32 AM
In that case it looks like we will have to update Rancher because the pipeline setup as described in the 2.5 documentation is the one that times out after 2 hours.