06/09/2022, 8:19 AM
Hi - Im trying to install Neuvector from the App catalogue in rancher. I receive the following:
main.main: Container socket connected - endpoint= runtime=docker
2022-06-09T08:12:29.958|INFO|CTL|resource.IsRancherFlavor: resource found - namespace=cattle-system service=cattle-cluster-agent
2022-06-09T08:12:29.958|INFO|CTL|main.main: - flavor=Rancher k8s=1.23.6+rke2r2 oc=
2022-06-09T08:12:29.959|ERRO|CTL|main.main: Failed to get local device information - error=No such container: 6b73a2f18c629276828b30d7c7073149dd0be68208bf6e7e18d456b20e11da79
2022-06-09T08:12:29|MON|Process ctrl exit status 254, pid=7
2022-06-09T08:12:29|MON|Process ctrl exit with non-recoverable return code. Monitor Exit!!
Leave the cluster
Error leaving: Put "<>": dial tcp connect: connection refused
What am i missing?
Well reading up on the documentation is always good:
Cilium as a cni (limited support). Protect mode (inline blocking) should NOT be used with Cilium, as all traffic will be blocked. This limitation will be removed in a future release.
Does anyone know when and if support for Cilium will be implemented?


06/09/2022, 5:57 PM
Cilium full support scheduled for Q4 this year.


06/09/2022, 6:26 PM
Awesome thanks for the answer 👍🏻