05/26/2022, 12:52 AM
What's the status of SLE Micro for Rancher?
Was looking at I'm looking at and it seems that things have gotten a little messy and/or spread out across various systems. I have distilled a single Dockerfile and Makefile to build cos2 from scratch (as of mid-April) but I now see that the introduction of "Teal" has changed both the targets in cOS-toolkit for the Luet repo and the base used on cos2's Dockerfile.
Am I correct in my interpretation of that issue that _home/kwk/elemental/images/sle_15_sp3/rancher/rancher-node-image/5.2_ is just suse/sle-micro-rancher/5.2 with ros-installer and elemental-cli preinstalled?
Got some time so I pulled the image to fire it up in docker and answered my own question.
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It looks like Luet has been removed from the os2/Dockerfile. Is Luet not going to be supported anymore or is the move to static files just a stopgap for now? I think I was reading something in the PRs about Luet not playing nice with the SUSE IBS?


06/01/2022, 2:14 PM
The open build service (OBS or IBS) builds offline.
however, needs network. That's why we moved the luet calls to a separate Dockerfile (under rancher-sandbox/rancher-node-image/Dockerfile).
That said, this will change soon as we have everything packaged now as RPMs. The new setup is being tested in OBS (homekwkelemental-testing) and will be moved to it's own project space (out of my home 😉) when tests succeed. This should happen over the next days 🤞


06/01/2022, 3:31 PM
That's good for production but Luet had some very interesting features as far as updates or being a universal (mostly Linux agnostic) way to add elemental services. Is luet deprecated as far as SLE Micro for Rancher is concerned or will it be maintained?