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Was looking at I'm looking at and it seems that things have gotten a little messy and/or spread out across various systems. I have distilled a single Dockerfile and Makefile to build cos2 from scratch (as of mid-April) but I now see that the introduction of "Teal" has changed both the targets in cOS-toolkit for the Luet repo and the base used on cos2's Dockerfile.
Am I correct in my interpretation of that issue that _home/kwk/elemental/images/sle_15_sp3/rancher/rancher-node-image/5.2_ is just suse/sle-micro-rancher/5.2 with ros-installer and elemental-cli preinstalled?
Got some time so I pulled the image to fire it up in docker and answered my own question.
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It looks like Luet has been removed from the os2/Dockerfile. Is Luet not going to be supported anymore or is the move to static files just a stopgap for now? I think I was reading something in the PRs about Luet not playing nice with the SUSE IBS?
The open build service (OBS or IBS) builds offline.
however, needs network. That's why we moved the luet calls to a separate Dockerfile (under rancher-sandbox/rancher-node-image/Dockerfile).
That said, this will change soon as we have everything packaged now as RPMs. The new setup is being tested in OBS (homekwkelemental-testing) and will be moved to it's own project space (out of my home 😉) when tests succeed. This should happen over the next days 🤞
That's good for production but Luet had some very interesting features as far as updates or being a universal (mostly Linux agnostic) way to add elemental services. Is luet deprecated as far as SLE Micro for Rancher is concerned or will it be maintained?