06/10/2022, 1:41 PM
Hi all ­čśâ Trying to get an app with an ingress definition running on Rancher Desktop.. I can see the path-prefixed services are being routed correctly, but the 'default backend' doesn't seem to be routed at all.. the backing service is fine, I added a debug path prefix to test it, and I can pull resources from the service, but it doesn't see the requests without the path prefix, when it's configured as a default backend. Any ideas where to start looking ?
Interesting.. nuked my path prefix rules and tls block, and now default backend works.. now to try putting them back
seems I have to split the default backend into it's own ingress.. then it works.. if I combine default backend with path prefix rules in one ingress it stops working
heh.. and if I allow rancher desktop to edit the default backend ingress it seems to add an empty rules block that then reverts the whole thing back to 'not working because it has both' again.. ah well.. I've got a working config .. for now.