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normally you use docker cli in your host os and it uses the sock to send it to the alpine instance?
was that not working? could it be a path problem?
I had been able to use it from my Windows host and from my Ubuntu WSL instance but this past week it's telling me that the docker command can't be found after I have been using it for months. It does have kubectl and helm commands though
odd, sounds like a path problem
Maybe I can symlink and from the windows host
I've checked all the bin and sbin folders including under /usr/local. I still have a .docker folder in my home folder too
for your windows it should be in the appdata\local path and you check-off WSL integration for it to work with your Ubuntu
sounds like a path issue probably from the upgrade
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FWIW, we ship the Linux version of the tools too, and add it to your (Windows) `PATH`; normally WSL distros are set up to also use the Windows
, so it gets picked up, but if you edited your
to tell it to not do that you won't find the tools.
I don't have a wsl.conf in WSL at /etc/wsl.conf but I did recently create one on the windows side to limit the ram use to 8GB. That is the only thing declared in it though. Is it possible that without explicitly allowing it now that it is created it I may have exluded those paths?
I've tried factory resetting rancher desktop, I've used wsl --shutdown and then brought them back up, and rebooted the laptop as well
C:\Users\nathan.crum\AppData\Local\Programs\Rancher Desktop\resources\resources\linux\bin This is in my windows path and the docker bin is there
Ahh you pointed me in the right direction. I had modified my .zshrc and .bashrc and had made a modification that prevented it from picking up on the other paths
Thanks @proud-jewelry-46860 et al
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