06/17/2022, 10:04 PM
Good afternoon, I recently switched from Docker Desktop to Rancher Desktop (Windows) for managing a small app stack intended for offline training. The idea is that the entire stack is running on a laptop acting as my server and I can train users even in places where internet connection is poor. All worked well with Docker Desktop. I could connect to <laptop-server-ip-address>:<port-of-my-choice> and access my application. The stack is managed using docker compose. After switching to Rancher Desktop I can connect via localhost but not via IP address from the "client" laptops. I have a suspicion that the network type is the culprit but am not experienced enough in that area to debug and verify. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


06/17/2022, 10:11 PM
Correct; our networking story isn't quite as strong yet (just using the defaults that WSL provides). This pull request documents a workaround using
netsh interface portproxy
that may be helpful in the mean time.


06/17/2022, 10:24 PM
Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it!