06/28/2022, 1:44 PM
Hi, I'm a new user to rancher desktop moving from docker desktop. I've got a brand new clean windows 10 machine and I'm setting docker with Rancher desktop fresh for the first time. However I just seem to constantly be getting DNS issues. I see the issues if try a docker pull or if I acr login. Originally I was getting server behaving badly errors but I disabled and re-enabled WSL on my machine and did a factory reset of rancher desktop and now I seem to get a consistent timeout error. I'm on latest rancher desktop 1.41 windows 10, not running behind a vpn or proxy. PS C:\Windows\system32> docker pull hello-world Using default tag: latest Error response from daemon: Get "": dial tcp: lookup on read udp> i/o timeout


06/28/2022, 6:09 PM
does DNS work in any other WSL instances? you may want to consider the experimentalresolver in case your firewall has an issue w hyper-v switches


06/28/2022, 6:31 PM
Yes, please try the host resolver instead; it should work much better. We will make it the default in the next release of Rancher Desktop based on feedback received so far.


06/28/2022, 7:44 PM
That fixed it immediately thanks for the help
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