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I don't completely follow -- if the image is listed in the UI, then there's no need to pull it. But if you want to pull another image, the command is
nerdctl -n <|> pull IMAGE
You can actually specify other namespaces with the
option (or provide no namespace at all, which will put it in the
Correct. However, when building an image using a FROM <IMAGE> in a Dockerfile that uses that image it attempts to find the image at, not in the set of images that is locally available.
Do I need to tell my
nerdctl build ...
command about the local image in some way?
I think all local images have to be pushed to an external repository, but let me check....
b Yeah I had to use the -n option to build, see that article as an example.
nerdctl -n <|> build . -t jwsy/shooter-jade:v1.0
That FROM is for something in an external registry, not something built locally.