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07/04/2022, 9:37 AM
Hi all, I’ve a question; I am trying to join a third master node to my RKE2 cluster. When starting rke2-server it reports the following error:
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level=warning msg="Cluster CA certificate is not trusted by the host CA bundle, but the token does not include a CA hash. Use the full token from the server's node-token file to enable Cluster CA validation."
level=fatal msg="starting kubernetes: preparing server: failed to validate server configuration: critical configuration value mismatch"
Any idea how to fix this?
Something to add, we had previously created a three master node cluster. But as node one was broken, we removed this from the cluster and recreated the entire vm (with same IP and hostname). Now trying to add the node as the third master node. Using a config.yaml file (/etc/rancher/rke2/config.yaml) with the server and token configured.
It appears that the first two nodes were running RKE2 1.23.6+rke2r2. The new node was already running 1.23.7+rke2r2.. For reference, this post triggered me:


07/05/2022, 4:09 PM
We have v1.23.8+rke2r1 coming out this morning which should resolve that issue for you!
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