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my best guess is, since there’s no DHCP on your network, it is finding the only ‘available’ address in your network and using that one. You can check the status of your network under the
tab. There, you should see a page of the network(s) you’ve created and their status (it should say whether or not dhcp is working or not). tldr, we’re expecting dhcp to work on your network if you don’t have static IPs setup iirc.
Is your VM in "management network" type?
Is this after configuring VLAN 1 as per your previous question?
Slickwarren, thank you. There's no DHCP on the network, so I'll poke around for where that's at. I will also set up a second cluster to better document my own steps made on this one.
Date, yes. I just tested with the VLAN 1, and it's not happening there. So, I'm sure it's related to the steps taken/config during install.
Simon, TBH, I just now tested this with the VLAN 1 and it doesn't happen when connected to that at creation. Swapping a test machine's network has the expected behavior of failing to get an address at reboot and requiring me to set one. So, I just need to figure out where that initial IP on mgmt is coming from and make sure I haven't goofed the config.
Slickwarren, for VLAN 1, I don't see route connectivity, but I have it set as manual to a /16. So, I am guessing that's expected? That's in
We were hoping we wouldn't have to, but I have reconfigured this PoC network to include a vlan aware switch. Thanks for tips.