06/04/2022, 11:58 AM
Hi team I have a simple network question about harvester. I installed Harvester on a physical server (homelab) which has a home network 192.x.x.0/24 range. I can reach the web interface and I can create virtual machines. When I create a virtual machine (ubuntu) I can only choose
management Network
and choose between bridge or masquerading mode. Both of them supply some 10.52.x.x/32 cluster ip address which is not reachable from my home network, only within the cluster itself. I would suspect that bridge mode would do this, but it's not. How can I configure the network settings so I can reach that virtual machine with SSH. Essentially I want to give that virtual machine a 192.x.x.0/24 range address. I have a VLAN capable switch, but I don't use VLANs. DHCP is running in the 192.x.x.0/24 range
Sorry, already figured it out. I asked the same question as other people did. What I needed to do is to create a vlan manually and attach my bonded network interface (physical server ). Now it works.
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