06/17/2022, 3:20 PM
Good day folks! I'm new to Harvester (and Rancher in general). Recently I've converted a mix host environment from ESXI with vSphere over to Harvester. Currently I have three hosts in a cluster but I'm holding off on the fourth for the moment. I'm trying to get Live Migration working but it's being rather difficult. At the moment I have a small VM (2 vCPU and 8GB RAM) and two large VMs (16 vCPU and 64GB RAM). The smaller one I've been able to Live Migrate but it's inconsistent (failed twice, worked once) and then large VMs refuse to migrate at all. The large VMs are sitting on matched hardware (64 threads, 128GB RAM each, two nodes). When I initiate a migration from one node to the other it marks the VM as appropriate, but the Migration tab in the VM details never updates and the only thing in the VM log through the UI I see is a message about sync-vmi a couple times then nothing until the VM indicates that the last migration failed. Management interface on these nodes is the 1GB NIC, while VLAN network is sitting on 10GB NIC. Each node has 1 1GB, one iDRAC, and two SFP+ NICs. When I had these configured under ESXI I had the 1GB as the management interface, one of the SFPs for vServices (vMotion, vSAN, etc.), and the last SFP for VM traffic but I haven't seen if there's a similar way to utilize the NICs under Harvester.
Here are the only two messages I ever end up seeing on the VM log:
{"component":"virt-launcher","level":"warning","msg":"Domain id=1 name='default_flux-node-01' uuid=75aac619-8cef-5c48-a3e8-bbd5c965fbc2 is tainted: custom-ga-command","pos":"qemuDomainObjTaintMsg:6333","subcomponent":"libvirt","thread":"45","timestamp":"2022-06-17T15:23:43.245000Z"}Fri, Jun 17 2022 12:23:46 pm{"component":"virt-launcher","kind":"","level":"info","msg":"Synced vmi","name":"flux-node-01","namespace":"default","pos":"server.go:190","timestamp":"2022-06-17T15:23:46.191118Z","uid":"52c59f58-340d-4207-9fba-4aaa0c4973f1"}Fri, Jun 17 2022 12:23:46 pm