07/06/2022, 2:06 PM
I'm trying to debug a problem with downloading a support bundle in the browser... since it's not working from the browser, I checked the pods and found that there are still pod left with the generated bundles in the /tmp directory. I tried to copy them out of the pod with `kubectl cp``... but this didn't work because there is no
binary on the havester nodes. So please, can you add
to the next harvester release? Yes, I know there is a workaround with
kubectl exec ... -- cat file >localfile
but this is simply unnecessary complicated. Is it possible to generate a support bundle from cli? How? And finally: Is there a way to upload the support bundle from command line also?
To answer this myself: It's not that there is no tar on the host... the tar inside the container is missing. So please, Harvester, add a tar command to this container image!