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Hi @crooked-scooter-58172 that's a great question! Harvester is capable of having some extended monitoring capabilities. Out of the box Harvester comes with the
within the
namespace. A possible solution might be to extend the "rancher-monitoring" (that holds Prometheus & Grafana ['rancher-monitoring-grafana' service] configurations). From your Harvester URL you can access Grafana via the hyperlink near "Detail" & "Summary" (attached picture). Once there you have the ability to Sign-In to Grafana (see picture) via the sign-in button at the bottom left. You can use the credentials of
as defined in the Customizing Grafana Dashboards . There seems to be the ability to possibly extend how the "Alertmanager " is configured via the Advanced Configuration - Alertmanager Configuration docs> . With the Prometheus configuration in alerting - it seems like there is the ability to configure Receiver(s) - that could be set up to receive notifications. Then I believe there would be just the configuration of what queries you wanted to write to signify healthy status of the Harvester cluster. There is also a Harvester API that can be referenced here:
Thanks a lot @average-energy-22726. Let me discuss this approach with the team and will keep you posted
Hi @average-energy-22726: I am getting this error while accessing Metrics
Any suggestion pls?
What version of Harvester are you currently running? Can you navigate to:
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