05/17/2022, 5:51 PM
Hi all, I'm after launching a HA Rancher Server setup, I'm using the UI to create a private EKS cluster. The rancher server and EKS cluster are in separate VPC's but with VPC peering, so there is no vpc connectivity issue. However, the cluster is not able to be created. I get the following message:
Failed to communicate with cluster: Post "<>": cluster agent disconnected
On the private cluster there are no rancher pods running. So I went through the instructions to run a command manually to install cattle-cluster-agent, but it is also stuck at the following:
time="2022-05-17T16:59:31Z" level=info msg="Connecting to proxy" url="<wss://>"
Also, this exact set of steps, but creating an EKS cluster with a public endpoint, works perfectly fine, I don't even need the vpc peering. Any insight as to why the rancher server and this cluster cannot communicate would be greatly appreciated.
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05/17/2022, 6:22 PM
Please only post your question in one place. It makes it difficult because the answers may get sharded. I will respond in the general channel.


05/17/2022, 6:24 PM
Ok thanks. I wasn't sure where I should post it. If there's a preferred place lmk I'll post there going forward.