# terraform-provider-rancher2


06/27/2022, 12:57 PM
Howdy all. We have the following challenge. With the rancher2 module we're creating multiple AKS private clusters via GitLab pipelines. While creating, Azure creates a
resource group where it puts all its node pool resources. • Within this resource group, it creates a private DNS zone because we're dealing with private AKS clusters • Within this private DNS zone we need to manually create a
Virtual network link
to another subscription and VNet of ours where our DNS forwarder lives • When we do not create this manually while the pipeline is running, resolving goes bad and creation of the private cluster fails Needless to say we would like to not do the manual step 🙂 Any tips?
For who cares, this is not possible as of yet to automate: In scenarios where the VNet containing your cluster has custom DNS settings (4), cluster deployment fails unless the private DNS zone is linked to the VNet that contains the custom DNS resolvers (5). This link can be created manually after the private zone is created during cluster provisioning or via automation upon detection of creation of the zone using event-based deployment mechanisms (for example, Azure Event Grid and Azure Functions).
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I wanted to add to this for clarifications sake, that it can be automated, as you can read in the last sentence, but just not with the Rancher2 module.