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# k3d
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After a bit of digging I found that it was just networking issue with newer
, so I had to create
zone, fix some subnet with
k3d cluster create <name> --subnet cidr
, add that network as source to relevant zone with
firewall-cmd --zone=docker --add-source cidr
, add a policy to forward traffic from
zone and add a masquerading to outgoing zone (`home`/`work`/`public` depending on configuration for inet interface). I hope my experience would help somebody if you have similar networking conf.
👋 I guess you found ? Would you want to create a PR, adding this e.g. to the FAQ section on
Nay, I just wrangled my networking conf to get it working) It's not obvious why cluster initialization hangs but docker logs help quite a bit when you see that go's dial fails to resolve docker registry host. Even if each linux configuration tends to try to be unique additional entry in FAQ could do a bit of good. I'll think on it tomorrow
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