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So tried using a storage class with
set to
executing the exact same mount cmd while
into the worker whereon a PVC is tried mounted and failing with the err … results in the same err exactly
I saw this “Configured to mount disk /dev/longhorn/pvc-97861aaf-afc9-4f24-ab76-5bb43f19a5cc as LVM2_member but current format is ext4, things might break” before err. Did you set the fstype before or after upgrading?
So yeah found out yesterday. That the disk is added as a member of the lvm2 vg on the nodes. By mistake a configured udev rule was Having a filter that was too wide and therefore included disks added by Longhorn when processing pvc’s. I cleaned that up and everything works now. Thank you very much for the help! Super cool. Appreciated.
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