07/15/2022, 5:02 PM
I'm going mad trying to setup a 3 node rke cluster. One node is etcd + controlplane + worker, the other two are just workers.
rke up
fails at this point:
WARN[0304] [etcd] host [] failed to check etcd health: failed to get /health for host []: Get "<>": net/http: TLS handshake timeout 
FATA[0304] [etcd] Failed to bring up Etcd Plane: etcd cluster is unhealthy: hosts [] failed to report healthy. Check etcd container logs on each host for more information
Checking the etcd logs on, I see lots of "connection refused" failure from
as follows:
{"level":"warn","ts":"2022-07-15T17:00:22.813Z","caller":"rafthttp/probing_status.go:68","msg":"prober detected unhealthy status","round-tripper-name":"ROUND_TRIPPER_RAFT_MESSAGE","remote-peer-id":"fa5a1d6f91d877ef","rtt":"0s","error":"dial tcp connect: connection refused"}
{"level":"warn","ts":"2022-07-15T17:00:22.813Z","caller":"rafthttp/probing_status.go:68","msg":"prober detected unhealthy status","round-tripper-name":"ROUND_TRIPPER_SNAPSHOT","remote-peer-id":"b8ffb4898a3dabab","rtt":"0s","error":"dial tcp connect: connection refused"}
where and 88 are the two worker nodes (non etcd, non controlplane). Why in the world is it trying to do those probes against those nodes?


07/18/2022, 5:44 AM
Maybe you should try to get the etcd/control plane node running and healthy, then join the workers to the cluster.


07/18/2022, 11:25 AM
that could be a good suggestion, thanks, even though I don't understand why it's doing that, I'm almost sure it used to work in the past