# fleet


11/25/2022, 2:18 PM
hi i have a fleet yaml that is instaling in metallb. i have a diff in the yaml and it is ignoring the correct resources. But fleet is coming back with the error
time="2022-11-25T14:11:46Z" level=fatal msg="error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 31: found character that cannot start any token"
The fleet.yaml looks like this:
defaultnamespace: metallb-system
helm: # Use a custom location for the Helm chart. This can refer to any go-getter URL or # OCI registry based helm chart URL e.g. "oci://". # This allows one to download charts from most any location. Also know that # go-getter URL supports adding a digest to validate the download. If repo # is set below this field is the name of the chart to lookup chart: metallb # A https URL to a Helm repo to download the chart from. It's typically easier # to just use
field and refer to a tgz file. If repo is used the # value of
will be used as the chart name to lookup in the Helm repository. repo: # A custom release name to deploy the chart as. If not specified a release name # will be generated. releaseName: metallb-bitnami # The version of the chart or semver constraint of the chart to find. If a constraint # is specified it is evaluated each time git changes. # The version also determines which chart to download from OCI registries. version: 4.1.11 values: speaker: secretName: metallb-bitnami-memberlist secretKey: secretkey # Any values that should be placed in the
and passed to helm during # install. # Override immutable resources. This could be dangerous. force: false # Set the Helm --atomic flag when upgrading diff: comparePatches: - apiVersion: kind: CustomResourceDefinition name: operations: - {"op":"remove", "path":"/spec/conversion/webhook/clientConfig/caBundle"} - {"op":"remove", "path":"/status/acceptedNames/kind"} - {"op":"remove", "path":"/status/acceptedNames/plural"} - {"op":"remove", "path":"/status/conditions"} - {"op":"remove", "path":"/status/storedVersions"} - apiVersion: kind: CustomResourceDefinition name: operations: - {"op":"remove", "path":"/spec/conversion/webhook/clientConfig/caBundle"} - {"op":"remove", "path":"/status/acceptedNames/kind"} - {"op":"remove", "path":"/status/acceptedNames/plural"} - {"op":"remove", "path":"/status/conditions"} - {"op":"remove", "path":"/status/storedVersions"} clusterGroup: downstream any help appreciated
I fixed my problem. The problem was because of the next path. The helm template was incorrectly formatted.