11/18/2022, 2:14 AM
hi, I’m able to expose a clusterIp to map a localhost port with
k3d cluster create --api-port 6550 -p "8081:80@loadbalancer" --agents 3
but how can I have multiple port mapping to use ingress to handle multiple k8s services/apps? I would like to do something like
k3d cluster create --api-port 6550 -p "7001-7001:8081-80@loadbalancer" --agents 3
is that possible?


11/18/2022, 7:46 AM
Hey 👋 You can repeat the port flag multiple times or use port ranges. But for ingress, you should only need ports 80 and 443, right?


11/18/2022, 11:39 AM
awesome! I tried that one, but it doesnt have a load balancer for port 7001. does k3d has a default load balancer at port 80, and for every new service I want to expose for
I need to create a new load balancer?
I created a new load balancer to listen for my service at port 7001 and it works. just would like to confirm this is the way to go in case I want to expose many localhost applications in different ports
I added more ingress rules, to use a single load balancer