11/15/2022, 7:51 AM
We have an (imported) cluster running behind a firewall that does TLS interception. Is there an env var to tell cattle-cluster-agent to ignore the CA? (We might have the CA somewhere, but not on the Rancher server - we do have it on the nodes in the cluster running the imported cluster (but I'm not aware of a way to add mounts to the manifests that calttle-cluste-agent use) Only the proxy variables seems to be documented. (In this case, the proxy is blocking the URL, but firewall access is open (but it is being intercepted) (I can't find an obvious reference with the env vars that cattle-cluster-agent support in the documentation, using " inurl:v2.6 https_proxy" (that only fins one page that happens to mention that that is how proxy settings is configured) The agent has a blank CATTLE_CA_CHECkSUM (the rancher server has a Let's encrypt cert) (I'm not sure if that setting can be overwritten from the env var settings for the cluster or how to obtain that checksum)
This seems like a different issue - curl fails with cert issues - but OpenSSL shows the correct and identical certs as on a cluster than works.... So this is likely another issue...
(It is stuck at "connecting to proxy" with the URL. No errors, but no progress either) (curl (with
) works on the Rancher hostname) (and without
from the node)
set it writes "Wrote ping" continiously and a DesiredSet not changed type message after the proxy one... On Rancher the node shows, but the clsuter does not show as up...
This seems to have more details than the documentation: (at least on some of the env vars)
shows data flowing, but the cluster is still not coming up on Rancher...
"Waiting fro API to be available" on Rancher and "Ready" is false under Conditions with "[Disconnected] Cluster agent is not connected" "Reconciling" is true with "[Reconciling]"
It was created ~3weeks ago, it seems like the provisioning link changed. (It seems like the new link did not resolve it though)
Daleting and readding the cluster on Rancher resolved it (and deleting old cattle-system namespace before importing new gent config)