11/14/2022, 1:17 PM
Rancher 2.6.9 is installing Docker 20.10.17 from 2022-06-06. The current version is 20.10.21 from 2022-10-25, so there's almost 5 months worth of bugfixes and security updates missing, including fixes for 3 CVEs with a score of 7.5 (High) in 20.10.19. Rancher 2.6.9 is from 2022-10-18 and at least Docker 20.10.18 had been out for more than a month back then. So I figured this must be something independent of the specific Rancher version. I found out Rancher retrieves a file from an URL under and that version 20.10.17 is hardcoded in there:
$ curl -s <> | grep ^VERSION
Should this be updated?
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I guess I'll open an issue on github...