# general


11/13/2022, 9:02 PM
Hi All, So issue i am having here if someone encountered or know whats wrong. So basically I setup rancher on vspehere cluster, now when i create downstream cluster. I am trying to install jenkins using helm chart. I notice I can add helm from terminal level but inside rancher UI it fails. Closely i notice that inside rancher ui, it is requesting using upstreame kube-dns ip, I also see core-dns running on downstream cluster. there is way to update routing for helm chart to go core-dns in same cluster so it get can make requests? Also when you setup downstreame cluster , Its required to define cluster cidr and service cidr in downstreame ? when we setup downstreame why that cluster has default /etc/resolve to uptreame kube-dns. instead of its own dns (core-dns?
I fixed it, buy defining network while creating cluster inside the upstream cluster. works gr8. thanks