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It was adding wrong nameserver, Now i am wondering when i create the pod where nameserver comes from, if i can set namesever as core dns.
coredns by default is in forward mode. Meaning it forwards to
on the node.
The first thing I would check is to make sure all of your nodes have internet access
@bulky-sunset-52084 so i have fixed this manaully. what i notice is
has core-dns nameserver coming from upstreame rancher. When i created downstream cluster and created pod the pod has etc/resolv.conf has dns ip coming from upstreame not the core dns ip from the downstreame cluster itself. so now question is when i create deployments the nameserver should come from cluster core-dns service not form the upstream core-dns service.
I also notice when i add helm chart in downstream cluster it doesnt work, looks like somewhere downstreme cluster dns is not working