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sorry, meant this to be a reply for proper threading: lspci is not installable and the harvester RO filesystem and the list PCI devices in the UI is experimental and enabled but I can't see anything via that.
/proc/bus/pci/devices is a bit too long for the combination of session, screen size, etc. I am using
I suspect a number of problems I have been having is due to disk pressure on that one little nvme guy. super fast but I suppose that through all the layers of virtualization going on, there is some latency there, especially if any swap is happening in the kvm VMs.
took a chance and force formatted it. The UI says, "The disk has already been force-formatted. Current file system is ext4, You can format it manually."
now I am navigating this, to see how I can use that nvme. You would think this would be easier in the front end UI. We're getting there. Soon this will be a fully packaged solution and partner integration to rival the likes of vmware!
actually longhorn on harvester 1.1 is 1.3.2... checking those docs
still says, "Add a Disk To add a new disk for a node, head to the
tab, select one of the nodes, and select
Edit Disks
in the dropdown menu." where is the 'dropdown'?