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Hey @quiet-fountain-61995, does your installation use custom certs by any chance? Or is it using the default certs?
Hey @limited-pizza-33551 its the default certs. i figured out what the issue was after two weeks. of pain staking debugging. it was one of the entries in our search domain filed of the
file. The file liked like the below file :
search production.svc.cluster.local svc.cluster.local cluster.local <|>
the issue was that for the last entry
when coredns tried to resolve
with it it was returning a
instead of a
and so the search loop was closed and it resulted in a
tls error
because there was no active DNS resolver at the
search entry. the fix was to either remove the search entry form the servers network manager or setup a dns resolver at the endpoint which is how we wanted it to work. and now our dns tls queries are resolved. So looks like its more of a coredns issue than rancher.