11/09/2022, 7:22 AM
Folks, looking for some insights and guidance. My team works on some telecom network SW that has so far been tested (quite extensively) on an on-prem, curated K8s setup created using kubeadm. Our SW is sensitive to CNI nuances for reliability & performance. However one of our potential customers uses RKE2 and asking us if our SW can be deployed on RKE2. Is there a way to use RKE2 in our lab that mimics potential customer's deployment ? And if so, is there a laundry list of questions to ask s.t. our configuration is representative of what this potential customer has ? I'm guessing the list to include things like worker node configuration, worker node operating system, Kubernetes version/RKE2 release #, networking specifics like topology, CNI choices available, network services available, security/policy architecture choices ? I'm sorry my question is perhaps a bit fuzzy, as I am not a real K8s expert.